Wednesday, 26 September 2012

LFC Young Boys

We have such a great young squad! in my personal opinion, Jonjo Shelvey is going to be one of the world’s best centre midfielders one day, just like Gerrard; Suso is going to be the next Ozil and Stirling, well hasn't got a player which I can compare him too. Our young squad is looking so promising for the future. As much as we slag off Brendan Rodgers, even I do, he is doing a great job of getting our young players first team experience and making them better.

Rodgers style of play is good and will work in the future, and I can understand where all Liverpool fans are coming from but when we get used to the way Rodgers plays, we are going to be outstanding.

Carroll is another controversial decision, I think that if Rodgers really can’t find a place in his squad for him, then sending him on loan to west ham was a good plan, but the option for west ham to buy him for 18 million is disgraceful. Carroll is a top player and I don't feel Rodgers gave him enough time to prove himself!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

liverpool, its do or die time.

Were now, what, 5 games into the season and struggling at 18th place, were not playing badly, our football is execelent in fact, but we just havent found that one person who suits liverpools style of play and can put the ball in the back of the net. Ive been looking through a lot of players and there arent many who can play the style of brendan and liverpool. borini is a great player but if he isnt playing in a postion where he is able to poach goals ( as we expect him to do) how do we expect him to score. jermain defoe is a top candidate in my eyes, he is quite fast and he can shoot! therefore a top candidate.

West Brom Vs Liverpool

Liverpool have West Brom in the capital one cup at The Hawthorns, If Liverpool play as all fans and supporters imagine they should, we would win the game with ease, but with the current form were in this could be a tight match, West Brom have come out on top 3 of the last 4 meetings between the new clubs but hopefully this will all change on wednesday nights game. Shane Long is out for the clash between the two sides as is Martain Kelly With a ligament injury which means he could be out for a long time.

The squad which I am hoping to see is as young squad like we played against young boys with a few acceptions in a 4312 formation:
Assaidi (wide)
Stirling (wide)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Aggers out! but not as serious as first thoguht

Daniel Agger's injury is not as serious as First thought. He has done no damage to his ankle ligaments but does have a swollen ankle, hoping that he has no other injurys liverpool should get him back within a few weeks, he will be dearly missed in that time and will probably be replace by jamie charagher and sebastion coates, i personally feel that coates isnt up to a good enough standard to be able to replace agger but giving him the experience will hopefully make him step up his game which he will have to do if he wants to make it into the first team squad at any time soon.

Monday, 10 September 2012

My hobbies

I enjoy football both playing it and watching it, I support Liverpool and play for Vange B. I also enjoy most music. I enjoy fiahing and playing the keyboard!

My first days at palmers

The courses im taking at plamers college are Maths, Applied ICT, Business and Accountancy. Im enjoying my first few days of college and all is going well :)